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Since 1992, offering services related to technology, design, media and information systems, and, since 2000 developing interactive products and services, providing balance between the aesthetic and creativity applied to technology, following changes and accompanying the needs of our customers, helping them grow and develop their business, improving digital relationship with customers, suppliers, employees, public, spectators or visitors.

We are a small group with extensive experience in different areas closely related: information systems design, hardware, software, media, content architecture, music, photography and video; responsible for having successfully completed more than 300 projects in the last 15 years. We specialize in interactive multimedia production forcing ourcreativity in different media.

We develop some of the first interactive CD-ROMs and web sites in Argentina, statistical processing systems and surveys, management systems, auction systems and ecommerce, 3D catalogs, online stores, virtual communities, multimedia facilities for fairs and events, music TV, theater, documentaries, animation, multimedia production and composition, graphics and animation for television, working actively with the open source community we've developed products and provided service to small and medium enterprises, advertising agencies, media production companies, institutions governmental and private organizations, municipalities and NGOs.








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